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The Avatar Assembly are the leaders whose light and talents brings healing to self, relationships, and the many. We restore, cherish, and master practices that have brought wellness for thousands of years. Our community finds joy in whole food, dance, song, music, and a sea of healing arts. And from our strength and love, we reach out to and invite others also seeking wellness and higher purpose.

Heal the body. Heal the mind.

The fullness of human potential is yours if you make it your dream to manifest your heart and spirit. Join with the Avatar Assembly - we who have made it our passion to live in harmony with ourselves, nature, and our fellow man. Together we share our human experiences, whether in joy or grief, where we learn and grow. United, we work and serve the needs of our community and extend our arm beyond to the world in need.

Finding the Avatar Assembly.

The journey begins with a six hour Saturday seminar - the Avatar Integration. The seminar is a grounding of knowledge and experience in diet, lifestyle and self-awareness. The graduates from the Avatar Integration are then eligible to join or form micro-communities, each an Avatar Circle. Each Circle meets regularly at a natural cadence (from monthly to weekly) and is the venue for true food, beauty (music, song, dance) and healing modalities. Each Circle then gathers its strength to deliver with power to a worthy public cause; the good that we have we must share as a light to others.

Reclaiming heritage. Creating legacy.

Food is Thy Medicine

To be living with power, we must be well. Healing the mind and body begins with eating traditional whole foods. For us, preparing and sharing meals is both a meditation and powerful act of fellowship.

Embrace Healing Arts

The Assembly honors and shares all forms of healing: kinesiology, acupuncture, meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, Reiki, chiropractic, massage, etcetera. Gifts of healing offered when we gather as a community strengthen our human bonds and gratitude.

A Life of Harmony

To have balance, we must honor our human nature. The Assembly makes time for ceremonial, ancestral, and fine arts which free the mind and spirit. Likewise we celebrate and make time for the outdoors, living as stewards of the earth.

Passion & Power

The investment into our own well-being is the catalyst for the transcendence we desire. Each of us can touch positively thousands, and yet together we witness the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. What together we hold as our intention, we accomplish!

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